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The Nurture our Whakapapa (NOW) Project is a research kaupapa led by Te Iwi o Te Roroa and funded by the New Zealand Health Research Council. The NOW project has two overarching objectives:

  1. Explore Iwi Data Sovereignty

    • Explore how Te Roroa might approach iwi data sovereignty, including key principles that may underpin Te Roroa data sovereignty.

    • Understand the needs of Te Roroa operations and provide recommendations for possible data infrastructure solutions. 

    • Explore any other tools and solutions to inform and enhance Te Roroa capabilities in the data space.

  2. To understand the well-being needs and aspirations of our whānau:

    • Understand well-being priority areas and develop a conceptual framework.​

    • Understand the needs of whānau, with a particular focus on our taitamariki and kaumātua.

    • Develop tools (e.g., implementation plans and logic frameworks) to assist Te Iwi o Te Roroa in addressing whānau needs and aspirations.  

Data sovereignty

Whānau Wellbeing

In 2023, the NOW project published a survey to understand the wellbeing needs and aspirations of whānau. 

Ngā mihi nui to all whānau who took the time to fill out the Nurture our Whakapapa Whānau Wellbeing Survey. The survey is now closed and we will have findings of the survey available on the Te Roroa website soon. 

Whanau wellbeing
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