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Our Mahi

Our Mahi 

Te Roroa exists to provide better opportunities to whānau. The businesses we operate therefore have a strong social responsibility cloaked in an economic imperative of self-sustainment and growth.

The businesses that we are involved in are economic activities that lie in our own backyard. They are opportunities where low-hanging fruit exists and are natural extensions of our core assets, relationships and kaitiaki responsibilities.

The Te Roroa Group has four individual commercial entities:

  1. Te Roroa Commercial Development Ltd

  2. Te Roroa Farms Development Ltd

  3. Te Roroa Forests Ltd

  4. Te Roroa Honey Ltd

As a tribe, it is true to say that we are relatively new to business. That said, many of our own whānau have been working in these kinds of businesses all of their lives. In time, with good people, outside help and whānau focus we will become masters at these activities.

These entities are overseen by Te Roroa Commercial Development Ltd and the Commercial Board comprising of Adam Parore (Chair), Evan Nathan, Shane Lloyd, and Brandon Allen. 

Each entity is assigned a Manager to oversee all operations, staff, reporting and budgets.

The day-to-day responsibility of Te Roroa Group lies with the General Manager.

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