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Te Iwi o Te Roroa

Te Iwi o Te Roroa

The brothers Manumamu and his teina Rangitauwawaru are the founding tūpuna of our Te Roroa people.  Our rohe stems from the Hokianga heads to Tokatoka maunga in the Kaipara and encapsulates the Waipoua Forest and Kai Iwi lakes.

Te Rohe o Te Roroa

The Te Roroa rohe stretches along the west coast from the Hokianga to Tokatoka in the Kaipara, encompassing at its heart the Waipoua Forest and Kai Iwi Lakes.

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Whenua Tūpuna
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Our Tohu

The kaupapa of the Te Roroa tohu


The design acknowledges the brothers Manumamu and his teina Rangitauwawaru the founding tūpuna of the Te Roroa people. The mana of the brothers is affirmed by the two manaia within a circular/ disc form composed of three parts. The centre represents Te Korekore, the middle and outer parts represent respectively Te Po and Te Ao Marama. The manaia of the tūpuna sit within both the realms of Te Po and Te Ao Marama in recognition of their role in the past and present. Manaia are symbols expressing the mana and tapu of chieftainship. The circle/disc form is a symbol of wholeness, unity and regeneration, an aspirational imperative for the Iwi.


He tohu tūpuna,
He tohu rangatira hoki o Te Roroa

Ngā mihi me ngā whakaaronui, Manos Nathan -A treasured ancestral symbol of Te Roroa leadership

Te Roroa Rohe
Whenua Tūpuna
Our Tohu

Our Vision and Mission



“To be the international exemplar of indigenous excellence.”



“To protect our taonga and revitalize the cultural, environmental, economic and social potential of our people.”

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