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Farming and Forestry

Beef Farms

Te Roroa has seven beef farms currently operating across Waimamāku, Aranga, Maunganui, Kai Iwi and Trounson areas.  

The land package in the Te Roroa Claim Settlement (December 2008) included six operational beef farms. At the time of transfer to Te Roroa, these farms were all managed by lessees.

In the words of Gareth Baynham of Agfirst Northland "The farms have huge potential; their free draining nature and coastal location make them relatively unique in Northland."


To enquire about our farming operations please get in touch.

Te Roroa Forests


Te Roroa Forests work with Northland Forest Managers who are the current owners of the Forestry Right. Te Roroa also provides archaeological services and security services to Northland Forest Managers and Manulife Forests.

Te Roroa is the owner of Waipoua Forest Land. Around 3338 hectares of Pine forest are situated in the heart of Te Roroa. Originally this area made up of some of the many pā, kainga, cultivations and wahi tapu of Te Roroa and for that reason holds deep cultural, historical and settlement significance.


‘Acquired’ by the Crown in the late 1800’s and later established as a Crown forest, the forest land was finally purchased by Te Roroa from the Crown through settlement in 2008.

To enquire about our forestry operations please get in touch.

Te Roroa Honey


Te Roroa has a Honey operation, engaging in a 50:50 profit share partnership with Manuka Health. Te Roroa is committed to continuing to grow its Honey production. 

Te Roroa Honey was established in July 2014.  With over 200 hives the business met their first honey flow and first harvest for 2014/2015.  

To enquire about our honey operations please get in touch.


Shelled Peanuts

Te Roroa has embarked on a horticulture and peanut pilot project with Kaipara District Council and Northland Inc. Over the past two years, we have grown peanuts, squash, corn, soybeans, watermelon, yams and kamo kamo. The purpose of the pilot is to better understand how to utilise water on crops and what the best options are for our soil types.

Peanuts have been grown to see if it is a viable production crop for the future. Current peanut butter manufacturers import raw products from overseas and are seeking to establish a domestic market. 

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